CFC was created to be your primary fitness solution.  However, we are not for everyone. Our workouts are hard. We will kick your butt. We have a way of making you feel, no matter your fitness level is, that you are out of shape.

In order to be a member, you will have to accept that you will wake up daily with muscle soreness.  Not just the first week but on a regular, recurring basis. During class there will be times when you will think your trainer is intentionally intending to make you throw up, which is not the case, but you still, honestly, feel that way.  This is how new clients feel as well as long term clients.  The point is, we push you and make you work harder than you think you can. Not because we are evil, but because you want someone to push you and make you work hard.

To be a long time client, you have to believe in the benefits a membership offers and the cost is insignificant because every second is worth it.

To be a regular attendee, it takes a STRONG MIND, not necessarily a strong body but a strong mind is a necessity. It is not necessary to come into the program in shape.  Let us help you get into shape.  CFC regulars understand that the body will follow the mind, if and only if, the mind can endure. If you can handle a hard workout that produces results, come see us, if not, just remember, we are not for everybody.


You’ve found something different!

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We are not a gym, or a box, instead, we are a community of fitness minded people, just like you.

 CFC provides an alternative to a gym, instead, we offer:

  • An adaptable, structured, well-rounded exercise program
  • We have over 20 locations with various times to choose from
  • A flexible price structure to work within your budget and commitment level
  • We promote fitness as a lifestyle, not a quick fix or a limited time offer
  • CFC clients typically gather together outside of class to get involved with local charity events, races and even happy hours

Your first week of boot camp is free so give it a try today.

Signature Services

Fitness Boot Camp: Do not let the name scare you! We understand the difference between soldiers and clients. You want to be pushed but not scolded. You want to be held accountable, but not punished. CFC has been providing this service since 2003, and we are confident that we know what you want and need. We are going to make you work harder than you think you can. However, we do it in a way that makes you want to come back for more. Our workouts are challenging, creative and uniquely different each and every day.

Personal Training:  (in-home or at your office): One of our 25+ trainers will meet you at a time and location that is convenient to you.  We want to help you reach your fitness goals even if you have little or no equipment.

Fitness/wellness seminars: Our CEO has provided numerous seminars to our own clients as well as corporate events.  Click here for a list of seminars or ask about a topic you’d like to see presented.